I feel each of us view the world through our own lens. The author of the letter to the editor printed in the Aug. 28 Courier-Traveler certainly has a different set of lens than I do.

The author listed six areas giving his opinions about the differences between Republicans and Democrats. Then he posed six questions that were so slanted any reputable pollster would not have used the questions.

To his question No. 1, I am not aware of any Democratic mayor who has favored violent demonstrations.  It was when the Republican administration sent federal law enforcement to Portland, Ore., that the demonstrations turned very violent.  

Additionally, the president has spoken of the media being the enemy of the people, which certainly does not seem to be advocating freedom of expression.

To his second question, over the eight years of the Obama administration, natural gas production went up 34 percent, crude oil production was up 88 percent, biofuel production rose 52 percent, wind generated energy was up 245 percent and solar generated electricity increased 2300 percent.  That doesn’t seem to be Democrats destroying the energy industry. 

Yes, the coal industry is suffering due to the abundance of cheap natural gas and new electrical generating facilities are natural gas fired plants (which are also environmentally cleaner) rather than coal fired plants.  

As old, less efficient coal fired plants are replaced, they are replaced with natural gas fired plants.

To his question No. 3, in the eight years of the Obama administration, energy costs rose in three of the eight years (In 37.5 percent of the years there was an increase).  

In the four years of the Trump administration, energy costs have risen in two of the years (In 50 percent of the Trump years there has been an increase).

Energy costs seem to fare no better under a Republican administration than a Democratic administration.

To his fourth question, I am unaware of any Democratic or Republican leader espousing open borders. The Democratic leadership has been vocal about treating immigrant detainees humanely, while most leadership on the other side of the aisle has been mum on the issue.

To his question five, admittedly there are Democratic leaders who advocate raising taxes on the wealthiest in our society, while the Republicans have over the last four years reduced taxes more for the wealthiest than any other group.  

In addition, if President Trump’s proposal to do away with the payroll tax is enacted funding for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is eliminated. Do you want that to happen?

To his sixth question, the author refers to increasing CO2 being a contributor to global warming and climate change as a hoax. The NASA website on climate change reports 97 percent of climate scientists hold a different opinion.

Given 186 countries ratified the Paris agreement, it seems there is worldwide agreement (except for the Trump administration) there is a climate problem; that humans have a significant impact on climate change, and countries need to make changes.

I would encourage the author (and others) to read “The Making of Donald Trump” by David Cay Johnston, especially chapter three (six pages in length). Those six pages show me Donald Trump holds values that are not what I want in the POTUS.

I would suggest each of us decide what issues and values are important to us, then go do some research to find out what the facts are. 

Certainly do that before simply taking someone else’s opinion, which is always expressed through the lens from which he or she sees the world.


Don Brewer



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