Here’s the thing, friends. Blaming people on the other side of the aisle does nothing to help the situation. Enough corruption, perversion, fear, and general misbehavior can be found on both sides to be an embarrassment.

If we must find something to blame, perhaps human nature is to blame, with the universal tendencies toward greed, protecting ourselves above all else, susceptibility to temptations, etc. The point is, that blaming the “other” is a lose-lose. The two sides need each other, as challenging as that may be, and if somehow we don’t find a way to work together and appreciate our shared humanness, we truly are doomed.

Yes, it’s a nation of freedom to speak our minds and think for ourselves. Let’s try, though I admit it’s difficult, to examine our thoughts and question what good will come from our speech.

Thanks for reminding me to do the same.


F. R. Smith

Arkansas City

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