I am writing this because I believe the women in Winfield have fulfilled a great service for Winfield and several states beyond. 

It started with my wife deciding to make some two layer cotton masks amid the COVID-19 virus pandemic. She joined with a member of the Walnut Valley Quilt Guild who was also making masks for the hospital, nursing homes and Mosaic.

Little did we know how it would grow. Jan (after making a dozen or so masks) started to get calls from friends, family, various people we knew from serving churches across Kansas and missions in the US and Haiti. Soon friends, family, acquaintances and people we barley knew were calling for masks.

It became apparent that she could not do this alone. So she put on Facebook her desire for others to help. Boy did help come! People, sewers and non sewers, called and offered help. Others donated fabric and other supplies. Well over 20 people helped locally.

Masks were sent to many locations across the United States with the majority sent locally and in Kansas Liberal, Dodge City and Garden City had extra deliveries. Deliveries were also sent to Flagstaff, AZ., Dallas TX, Virginia, and Santa Fe, New Mexico. No accurate count was kept but it is estimated that nearly 1,000 masks have been assembled.

I cannot thank my wife Jan enough for her dedication and service. Material was sent to us from many people, most of the donations of material, supplies and hours spent were from Winfield. Jan did all of the surging on all 1,000 masks and made nearly half of the masks.

All of the expenses, including all of the postage, was donated by women from Winfield.

Sometimes we hesitate to honor our local people but the women are to be congratulated for just being a part of the of giving. 


Ken Hathaway 


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