I was reading the article about people wearing or not wearing masks. I don’t like it any more than anybody else does; I went to Wichita the other day and everywhere we went the personal of that particular store had masks on and we had to wear masks as well.

We even went to a place to eat and the waitresses had masks on as well as the cooks and everybody that was working in there we had our masks on when we went and took them off after we got seated then when we got ready to go we put them back on.

It was just a little strange going to Wichita and having to wear a mask everywhere we went but in that process I enjoyed myself so just keep wearing them and unless you are under the ADA guidelines then you don’t have to wear one


Donna Carpenter


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It's amazing to see so many people that are unselfishly caring about others. Just wish everyone would do that and we'd have so many of our activities back by now to "almost" normal levels. Agree, it's a pain, but it's such a small thing to do to protect others...

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