On Dec. 10 there appeared an article in your newspaper submitted by the Washington Post entitled "Time for the Brat's Great Escape from White House.” 

This article took up almost half of page 3 and was an incredibly degrading, vicious, vile and disgusting attack on the President of the United States. 

Paragraph after paragraph, sentence after sentence were filled with a maniacal, evil spewing-out of toxic words of hate and scorn, the likes of which I have never seen or read in any newspaper. It was unbecoming to a professional journalist whom its readers expect to be nonpartisan and unbiased. 

What did she hope to gain by writing such an article? More, what did The Cowley Courier Traveler hope to gain by repeating and perpetuating such bitter and politically biased nonsense and ignorance? 

Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but when does this freedom go too far? 


Jerry and Reba Nickell 


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Wow! Where have you been the past 4+ years with the vile, depraved, sexist, xenophobic, racist, homophobic/transphobic, bigoted rants coming out of the mouth of the occupant in the WH? So he can spout all types of hatred, bully those that don't think like him, don't bow down and worship him but others can't express their feelings. The hypocrisy never ends. He lost massively (7M+ votes and growing) and 306 to 232 in the Electoral College. It's over, give it up and if you think he is a "model" to uphold to Americans, let alone the world, well, history will show not only who and what he has always been and still is, but those that supported him are no better.


I had a few thoughts about the reaction of the Nickells to the op ed piece by Kathleen Parker. if you follow her at all, most regard her as quite conservative. Her comments about Trump are shared by many. He has made derogatory comments about nearly everyone during his time in office- including those in the GOP, conservatives, Democrats and on and on, usually because they did not bow down to him. He has never respected people with different opinions, because it might reveal a weakness in him. The other issue that I find in the comments, is that this opinion piece is just that- an opinion. News sources include articles that are just that- “news”, which are facts as reported by journalists who do their best to be non-partisan and describe actual events. Most news sources also do have opinion pieces, which are opinions- they are likely based on facts as they see them. It is important for readers to realize that there are two types of articles, and to be able to determine which are news stories and which are opinions.

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