People who have coached or umpired for any type of youth sport know first-hand kids want to win and will do their best to bring home the victory. But parents also take competitions seriously, which occasionally creates problems.

Sports can stir up strong emotions, and some parents will berate their child over their performance, or quarrel with the decisions made by a referee or coach.

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I coached youth basketball in Winfield for 40 years! I totally agree with your article! So many coaches are win at any cost no matter how the kids are affected! I feel sorry for officials especially in basketball 🏀 who have to put up with parents and coaches crappy behavior! The first thing I tell my players at the first practice is we’re here to have fun! I don’t care whether we win or lose as long as you give 100% and play to the best of your abilities! And to respect the referee’s and your opponent’s, because without the referee’s there would be no games for you to participate in! I was lucky I had good parents and kids! So parents behave yourselves at the games or stay the heck home! Coaches coach the right way and remember the game is for the kids and for them to learn the fundamentals and enjoy playing! So don’t coach if you can’t control yourself on and off the court! And remember winning isn’t everything as I told my players your not going to win every game but your not going to lose every game! Be good sports and enjoy playing the game!

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