I promise to keep this light and hopefully, fun.

• On many people's annual list is to improve their mind — take a class.

• Read more. I'm going to suggest reading to children. Teachers love it and the kids do too. They get to see another adult who cares to spend time with them. I chose 2nd grade – that's a sweet age.

• Do more good deeds.

• Send more get-well or congratulatory notes.

• OK, OK, I have to say it! Lose some weight! Or at least vow to add more healthy food at your table.

• You're gonna love what I did for more exercise a few years ago at the recreation center. I took a belly dancing class! I made my own beaded skirt — it was a heap of fun BUT I didn't expect to be so sore. Most of those particular muscles in my middle don't get used that often. Even the leg movements hurt.

• Try to shop locally-owned stores when possible.

• Redecorate your home office. Ours is exactly 20 square feet (like a closet)! Not much to decorate. Our whole 3 bedroom house is 888 square feet - thank goodness for a stackable washer and dryer. And floor to ceiling shelves I built myself. According to HGTV "granny decor" is becoming trendy. Pretty florals and ruffles are popular. I assure you that you'll not find a single ruffle or floral in my house.

Speaking of decorating, I did something right! I beat the upcoming trend of the "tropical" look I've been reading about. Eighteen years ago when we retired to Winfield, I designated one bedroom as a TV room. We knocked out a wall and added a small sunroom with lots of plants (which I often forget to water). Beach mats are staple gunned to the ceiling. They look really cool. No TV in the living room at our house so that conversation can occur there.

• I read in the newspaper an interesting report out of California. In the last year, some businesses that sell chickens are finding sales are up 400 percent. With people being encouraged to hunker down at home due to the COVID virus and try new things, many have opted for poultry parenthood. One 12-year-old with several chickens calls them her favorite things! She claims that they even have different personalities.

The eggs keep a daily supply for families. Imagine: they can cook an omelet for breakfast, process the bird and have fried chicken for supper. Once when our granddaugther was at her aunt's farm and wanted to see how a chicken went from the chicken coop to the table, she almost threw up. While my husband and the rest of us ate it, she didn't.

Some don't want to eat the chickens but just want them as a unique hobby. Just think, in our neighborhood, we could all buy some. We'd no longer need alarm clocks. And, since they can be bred to have feathers of different colors, they can grow to match and coordinate with our house paint and trim colors.

Bob tells of a 4-H project with three chickens to be shown at the County Fair (two females and a rooster) as a child of 12. As he was loading the rooster, it pooped on his new clean slacks. Yuck! The problem was, he was also in the style review and had to look his best. His mother grabbed a wet cloth and tried to remove some of the stain. He got a red ribbon in the style review.

Just some interesting things to think about during 2021.


Cheri Baer of  Winfield writes an occasional column for the  CourierTraveler.

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Thanks, Ms. Baer, for the ideas and the fun column. I don't know how good I'd look trying to belly dance, but one thing is for sure, I have plenty of belly for it.

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