Jan. 6, 2021 was a dark day in the history of the United States. Let’s never forget how insidious and horrific that the attack on our national capitol was.

Our tendency to rationalize events with the passage of time to fit them more comfortably into our psyche cannot prevail.

While the attack on the capitol was not a well-orches-trated, fully-armed coup, it was a clear attempt — inspired by a dangerous demagogue — to dismantle the very foun-dation of our democracy. Unable to accept defeat, Trump shouted out a lie, over and over again to manipulate

his supporters into a violent and vein attempt to retain power.

This is dictatorship 101. (Ever the narcissist, Trump continues to bark these lies to anyone who will listen.)

People who buy into the former president’s lies and reshape the rioters and insurrectionists into patriots are deluding themselves. Complaints about over-prosecu-tion, and people waiting in jail too long, might be valid. But don’t dare use them to cloud over the cold, shivering truth of what happened that day.

That the Republican Party and so many Americans continue to prop up the man most responsible for riping into our Republic since the Civil War is a sad comment on human nature and its willingness to cling to strongman control.

Lawmakers like Mitch McConnell and our two Kansas senators had the chance to impeach Trump and keep him from seeking office again. But they traded political securi-ty for dignity and cn properly be labeled cowards on this front. Roger Marshall even more so with his objection to the presidential election results (but not his own election, of course).

Let it be known that this little newspaper, as long as current ownership has a say, will not entertain illiberal fantasies that turn basic facts into fiction in the name of power and control.

We will strive for humility in opinion but stand tall to defend democracy and the rights it bestows. Foremost the right to vote and be governed based on free and fair elec-tion results. — David A. Seaton, publisher

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Thanks, David Allen, for your strong statement. For calling out the Republicans who keep describing the wonderful clothing that this naked deceiver has been wearing.

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