Today (June 5) at our peaceful protest, we had people come out on horses, and some in trucks, proudly displaying the confederate flag. I had someone tell me that they have friends who have confederate flags in their home because to people here it is a southern pride thing.

Let me tell you it is not. Burn it! 

I went to roughly half of fifth grade and all of sixth in Dothan/Cowarts Alabama. White people who proudly display this flag in or on their homes are incredibly openly racist. I had no idea at that age. I just thought it was a cool flag. My sister is white and lives in Dothan. Do you think she displays this flag in or on her own home?

No! This is a symbol long been used by white supremacists. Get that (flag) out of your house. Burn it! Why/how can you claim to have southern pride if you live in Kansas? People who live in the south understand what this flag means, so if you did live in the south at one point then moved to Kansas, you would already be aware that you are publicly announcing your racism. I am not trying to attack anyone. I moved to Alabama ignorant of this symbol and came back with a new understanding. These conversations must be had.


Amanda Meads


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Thank you Amanda your comments are right on and I agree completely! We must keep fighting for the cause and the end of racism and unchecked violence by the police! We must remember the teachings of Dr. King as we continue with non-violent protests! Thanks again for expressing your thoughts!


I apologize that my nickname of Chiefsfan was used in my previous comment! My real name is Tom Sweeney, former resident of Winfield.

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