It was very refreshing to go to Memorial Lawn Cemetery this past Memorial Day and find the improvements to the graves, the flags flying high, and the flags already put out on the veterans’ graves. What a beautiful sight to behold. 

In the past this was not the case as Mr. Lucas Goff stated in a newspaper article. My aunt Marge Fox, who lives in Winfield, saved me the paper so I could read myself what all was done. I was excited for the first time in a long time to go to the cemetery, as I was always disturbed by the way it was maintained. I remember back when our parents chose this cemetery, as our Dad felt it was a beautiful setting and it felt peaceful.

Mr. Goff personally called me last year after I sent a complaint to him and the county commissioners. Mr. Goff told me that he was aware of the many improvements that was needed and that if I would give him a chance if he had to make the improvements himself, he would do so. According to the article in your paper not only did he make as many improvements as they could but he involved his family as well to accomplish it before Memorial Day. 

My parents were brought up in an era where a man's word was his honor. My dad would be very pleased to know we still have men like that today in our society with all that's going on in our country. Although I know there are plans for more improvements, it was wonderful seeing the many, many improvements that were made this year.

Blessings to all who help make it possible!


Sharon Kunkle Mason

South Haven

and sister Lee Kunkle Wood 

Austin, Texas

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