I can honestly say that the old saying “something  good comes out of a bad situation” is true to life. I think it is wonderful that Walmart employees finally get to spend Thanksgiving with their families. I always feel bad that Walmart employees have  to work on Thanksgiving Day while the majority of us get to celebrate Thanksgiving with our loved ones. Walmart employees absolutely deserve to have this day off, not just this year because of COVID-19, but all Thanksgiving holidays. 

Walmart employees lives matter, too. In an effort to keep employees and customers safe during this dreadful pandemic, the employees are wearing masks, social distancing, keeping carts clean and doing millions of other things keep Walmart in compliance with all the regulations that this pandemic has bestowed on them. Let us remember it is not their fault, they are simply doing their jobs. 

Honestly, I have noticed a change in the moral of the employees. They are not as cheerful, they look worn out, and distressed. This is why it is vital for them to have Thanksgiving Day off. It is essential for their well being. We will survive not having a head start on Black Friday. I truly believe we have some wonderful Walmart employees at our Winfield store. Let us all be grateful for what we have and what we have overcome and will continue to overcome. Let us also remember be kind and keep smiling, even though others can not see our smiles under our masks. Let us preserve our humanity.    


Cynthia Mendoza


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