When will we finally be spared the bumbling, mean-spirited legislative representation of Cheryl Helmer? This legislator calls our governor “a tyrant” who has “reigned terror” in Kansas. “Queen Laura,” as Helmer snidely calls her, “will go down in history as the most hated governor of Kansas for destroying the economy and lives of the hardworking people of Kansas.”

This is the same legislator who falsely named Wichita as “a sanctuary city.”

I would not argue that Kelly has made no mistakes; but she has been confronted with a health crisis unlike anything in a century. But she figured out early on that social distancing was the best way to protect us from a killer virus. Her actions may account, in part, for the possibility that Kansas is better off than other parts of the nation. Even Donald Trump, whom Helmer so fervently supports, stated on Wednesday that Gov. Kelly has done a “fantastic job.”

Rep. Helmer: do us all a favor and don’t run again. We will be better off without you.


David Nichols


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