State residents and editorial boards across the state are calling for the resignation of newly minted Senator Roger Marshall for his actions before and after Wednesday's Capitol riot.

Why? So someone with the same beliefs can be appointed?

What did he do wrong? 

It wasn't illegal for him to object to accepting the election results, despite the overwhelming evidence that they were legitimate.

It wasn't illegal for him to help spread the false narrative that the election wasn't valid. 

If a politician spreading politically beneficial falsehoods were grounds for resignation, Washington—and Topeka, for that matter—would be pretty empty. 

Marshall did what a large number of people who voted for him wanted him to do: be loyal first to Donald Trump, second to the nation. 

It's not like he hasn't displayed self-serving, politically beneficial behavior before. Did you see how he responded to COVID-19? He was a crusader of maskless campaign rallies, who still took the time this week to get his vaccine. He was also a crusader for overturning a fair election, who still hid from the rioters who shared his same aim. 

So what? You think he's Jerry Moran? You wanted him to draw a line once he saw his actions had dire consequences? What a laugh. 

He only had a change of heart once a politically significant number of Kansans called him an embarrassment for his actions, long after the damage was done. Political Action Committees are asking for their money back, don't you know?

Marshall now says Joe Biden, in fact, is president. Thanks for settling that, Roger. Way to let down your base, now that it's no longer beneficial to work them into a lather. 

He also says he's praying for Brian Sicknick, the police officer died in the Capitol riots. Sicknick survived Iraq, only to be beaten at the hands of the rioters who believed the kinds of falsehoods Marshall helped propagate.

So go ahead and heap blame on Marshall, on Trump and on our Reps for last week. If he bothers you so much, go out and vote. Despite their efforts and the efforts of the angry mob Wednesday, the American vote holds strong. But don't say, “This isn't who we are.”

That's false.

This is who a lot of Kansans are. 

And the answer is not so simple and easy as a resignation. Politicians are only tools, as representative and decent as the electorate they serve. You don't change the politician unless you change the mindset and priorities of the people, and a lot of people have been led down a false path in recent years. 

Like it or not, Marshall represents the thoughts and feelings of many Kansans and only did their will.

If you weren't OK with the violence and riots that happened last Wednesday, it means there's work for you to do.

The change you seek comes not through elections, nor through uprisings. The change will only take place through conversations around dinner tables, over the phone and online with your friends and family; not by clutching pearls and saying, “This isn't who we are,” but by reminding people that we have the tools and benefit by being better than the failure of the American experiment we experienced Wednesday.

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