This Sunday evening (Sept 20) I sit here searching for words that describe my emotional state because of the events of the weekend. Words like trying, saddened, dis-spirited, anger, thankful, even devastated.

The weekend began with my wife and I watching TV when the program was interrupted for a special news report: Ruth Bader Ginsburg had died earlier that day. I was deeply saddened at her death as she truly was a person who believed all individuals, regardless of their wealth, race, gender or any other characteristic, had value and a right to be treated equally.

Yes, I was grieving, but also so thankful she lived among and with us for 87 years and led and pushed us to be a better people.

Then before the evening was out, U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell announced he would see there would be a vote, before the end of President Trump’s term, on the Senate floor to confirm whomever was nominated to replace Justice Ginsburg.

The same Senator McConnell, who in 2016 would not let the nomination of Merritt Garland proceed “because it is an election year” and the people should have a voice in the replacement for Supreme Court Justice Scalia (who died in Feb., 2016). 

McConnell held up Garland’s nomination for months, yet now insists the replacement for Ginsburg must go forward when there are less than 50 days until the election. My reaction is America has lost her soul (or maybe she never had one and this is evidence of it). The feeling is devastating.

I am not sure if Senator McConnell is (1) just a man without honesty, integrity, morality, and ethics; (2) a man who’s been corrupted by power and money; or (3) a man who is a tool or agent for a foreign adversary.  

The latter consideration enters my mind from knowing his efforts to bring a Russian owned manufacturing facility to Kentucky.  My speculation is he (McConnell) is a mixture of (1) and (2).

McConnell’s two actions, in 2016 and 2020, tear at the fabric of American democracy and if carried out makes the Supreme Court a political football, rather than a respected impartial branch of government.

The events of Friday evening have overshadowed the rest of the weekend and spurred me to write both Kansas senators, Jerry Moran and Pat Roberts, exhorting them to demonstrate they are men of principle in that they agreed to the holding of Merritt Garland’s nomination until the 2016 election ballots were cast and the new president was inaugurated. I would hope they would do the same in the 2020 election. 

Even though they have expressed they plan to vote on any nomination, I hope enough Kansans express to them a desire they withhold such a vote; one or both of them might change their minds.  I can only hope they do so.


Don Brewer


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I concur 1000%! Sadly, the old GOP party I grew up with when I was a kid in Cowley started disappearing in 1980 with Reagan, Gingrich took it further and now Trump has completely destroyed it! I used to agree with some of the "stated" financial responsibility propaganda, but I soon realized it was jut that, propaganda, not reality (no GOP administration in over 40+ years has been lowered the debt, only raised it. But they used to be kind, caring, compassionate. Now I see the ongoing hatred, bigotry, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homo/trans phobia, etc. that they all seem to embrace.

And you nailed it, they are only out for their own personal wealth and gain. The utter hypocrisy of McConnell is not really shocking, we saw that from the minute Obama was made POTUS where he said he would make sure he did everything he could to make him a one (1) term POTUS. The obstruction has been beyond belief. It's one thing to have a difference of opinion, but to not even allow bills to the floor, a SCOTUS nominee to even go through the committee (and 9 months before the election, not 6 weeks), well, I've seen their true colors and sadly, too many Kansans are either too blind, or they are that same type of person that will step over, step on the neck of whomever to ensure they get their own personal agenda achieved. What is so frustrating is they are doing this on the back of their own party members, they don't care one (1) iota about them, just how they can keep them in power.


Don, There are a few things in your article that I noticed that I think need to be addressed. You mention your emotional state which indicates that you are not approaching this topic with logic and reason. Also you are going more from memory than sources because twice you incorrectly spelled Merrick Garland's name twice. The Senate was controlled by the Republicans and while I agree that they could have brought Garland up for a vote there is no way that he would have been approved by the Senate so what was the point of going through the hearings? If they voted him down and then Obama put up another name to be considered they would have voted that person down as well. It is unfortunately the way of politics and I believe and I would assume it is clear that the Democrats if they were in power would have done the exact thing to a Republican President. As a case in point you could look at how the Democrats pushed through the Affordable Care Act without any Republican support. They changed the rules so that the vote could be a simple majority and with that they no longer needed to cross the aisle. As a Republican I would be extremely disappointed in my party if we didn't fill the seat vacated by RBG because that is why I voted for Trump and the Republican Senate. I know you are upset, but if your party had the Presidency and the Senate I know that they would do the same and I think you would agree if you are honest. It's no fun to lose and I am sorry that you are sad and emotional. You're a good man, part of my family and I love you. Page


Thanks, Don, for expressing what so many of us are thinking. Apparently our senators are full-fledged members of the GOP hypocritical choir.

With the president so fearful of losing the election that he continues to undermine, we can only hope that our democracy will survive.

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