I like to think I am “Rural by Choice.” That is, like you, I choose to live here ... not the other way around.

Over the last three months, we have been reminded of the harsh realities of today’s business world. If we do not support our local businesses, who will? If we buy the next appliance, tool, mattress or furniture in Derby or Wichita, do you think residents of those communities will reciprocate and do the same here? I assure you, they will not.

I recently had an excellent experience at our local Hometown Sears store. I had done my research ahead of time and knew exactly what appliance I needed. Did they have that exact model on the floor? No, but they got it here to Winfield within a week and they price matched.

The best part? My dollars stayed local and my sales tax went to our town ... not someone else’s.

Your dollars can, too.

Now, I would be lying if I said I always shop local. I do not. But I do try to think about my spending patterns.

Rest assured, our spending patterns are being tracked using data from our debit/credit cards and other rewards programs.

COVID-19 should serve as a notice for all of us to shop local when practical.

So ... Do you need a prescription filled? Get it here in Winfield. Do you need something for your home DIY project? Check out the lumber yard or one of our local reuse stores. Need a haircut or nails done? Do it here in Winfield. Need a chicken fried sandwich? Get it here in Winfield. Need a loan for that new car or home update? Get it here in Winfield. Completing taxes, buying iPads/computers, flowers, gifts ... the list of goods offered here goes on and on.

In fact, if a local business doesn’t have what you need, they tell us that they will work to get it here for you in a few days’ time.

More people are employed, more families go to our schools and more of your money stays right here when you shop in Winfield.

The number one thing our local businesses say that you can do to help them stay open in Winfield is simple — use them!

Every Dollar Counts,


Taggart Wall

Winfield City Manager

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