Thank you Mr. Bennett for speaking out on the inhumane method of Steve Gilliland’s so called fish sport. This is no sport. It is a disgusting and cruel method of behavior that only leads to more and more abuse of animals.

A sport is when there are fairly matched teams or individuals with a common goal.

Men using “bats-oars” or whatever on innocent creatures is  — nothing but animal cruelty. Don’t give me the “eat our catch/food” line because this is not applicable.

I respect and praise Mr. Bennett for speaking out.

Courier Traveler, please get rid of this Steve Gilliand writer.

A lot of kind, caring and considerate members in our civilized community who are hesitant to speak out, feel the same way. I don’t want this mode of behavior glorified in our paper. 


Susan Speer 

Arkansas City

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