Besides my delightful family and friends, indoor plumbing is almost always at the top of my “thankful” list as the holiday season rolls around. It is that time when I bring those things I take for granted, as well as special blessings, to the front of my consciousness.

Last spring, one of the things I assumed these past thirty-five years would always be available to me... just... quit. Those of us who depend on water aerobics, lap swimming etc. to stay healthy were thrown into a tizzy! How long will it be before my hips begin to hurt or my knees give out? And the youngsters who participate in swimming as a sport, not only now, but hopefully lifelong, have been forced to practice in a variety of towns since the Southwestern indoor pool has been out of commission.

The news that an anonymous donor has given enough money to install new mechanics at the pool is truly  an additional item for which to be thankful as we partake of the Thanksgiving feast this year. This gift is in the spirit not only of Winfield’s founding fathers who used funds from their own pockets to aid the city in acquiring venues, buildings and events which benefited the entire community, but many others throughout Winfield’s history as well.

J.P. Baden’s gift of the Baden Hall Building (next to the public library) in order to start St. John’s College comes to mind. After the 1950 catastrophic fire of the then Richardson Hall (currently known as Christy) at Southwestern, the Kansas West Conference thought to move the college to Wichita or close it altogether since the tragedy had left the campus with only Stewart Fieldhouse standing. The farm women who sold butter and eggs, the school children who gave their pennies and the townspeople who rallied to the conference’s short deadline for fundraising also fit into this philanthropic spirit.

So, if I may take a liberty, thank you anonymous donor of $275,000 to repair the SC pool. As I imbibe in this year’s feast, I will be truly grateful that Santa has arrived early in Winfield this year. I can’t help but wonder if there’s a beach towel and speedo tucked into that big red bag, just in case!

Roxy Callison


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