NEWTON — Arkansas City High School seniors Trig Tennant and Kael Pappan captured titles Saturday at the two-day 58th annual Newton Tournament of Champions.

Due to COVID-19, Newton turned into the one premier tourney of the wrestling season, drawing 21 teams, nine of them ranked in the most recent Kansas Wrestling Coaches Association polls.

Class 5A No. 2-ranked Goddard won the team title ahead of 5A No. 3-ranked Maize, unranked Seneca, 6A No. 5 Derby and 4A No. 1 Andale. The 5A No. 4-ranked Bulldogs were sixth. Winfield finished 14th.

Pappan and Tennant, both ranked No. 1 in 5A at their respective weights, finished with 3-0 records.

Pappan needed a minute to pin Treyton Pelnar of McPherson in his first match at 120 pounds, and rolled to a 7-0 semifinal decision against 5A No. 5-ranked Daniel Gomez of Maize.

Pappan took the gold medal with a 7-5 triumph against 4A No. 2-ranked Owen Eck of Andale.

Tennant, ranked No. 1 at 152 pounds, took gold at 160 by rolling to an 11-1 major decision against 6A No. 1-ranked Josh Janas of Garden City.

Tennant opened with a second-period fall against Tristan Mercado of Leavenworth, and breezed to an 8-1 decision against 5A No. 2-ranked Connor Padgett of Maize.

Senior Max Shannon advanced to the heavyweight championship match before settling for the silver medal.

Shannon, ranked No. 2 in 5A, fell in the title bout to Ryder Wiese of Blanchard, Okla., the only team in the tourney outside of Kansas.

Shannon pinned Jackson Angle of Winfield in 53 seconds of their second-round match, and pinned Braydon Wickliffe of Goddard in 2:22 to advance to the semifinals.

A pin of Newton’s Rio Gomez in 2:17 of the semifinals sent Shannon to the title match.

The highest finish for the Vikings was third place by senior Braden Ledford at 126.

Ranked No. 3 in Class 4A, Ledford opened with a 1:18 pin of Bishop Carroll’s Gianni Huerta and followed with a 5-3 quarterfinal triumph against Andrew Manley of Nemaha Central.

Ledford’s only blemish at the meet was a tight 8-6 setback at the hands of 4A No. 1-ranked Hector Serratos of Andale.

Ledford took home the bronze by rolling to an 11-4 major decision against 5A No. 3-ranked Sammy Dickey of Ark City.

Dickey finished fourth.

ACHS junior Jevon Foust was two points away from the title match at 132 pounds before settling for third.

Foust opened with a 46-second fall against Hayden Farley of McPherson and knocked off 6A No. 4-ranked Knowlynn Egan of Derby in the quarterfinals.

Foust also dropped a disappointing two-point decision, losing 8-6 against Zach Wessley of Goddard in the semifinals. Foust took third via injury default when 4A No. 4-ranked AJ Furnish of Andale was unable to compete.

ACHS sophomore Wyatt Bahm finished fourth at 152.

Bahm, ranked No. 4 in 5A at 160 pounds, opened with back-to-back wins, including an 8-5 victory in the first tiebreaker against 5A No. 5-ranked Jayden Ford of Maize. Bahm lost to 6A No. 2-ranked Cason Lindsey of Derby in the semifinals, then dropped the third-place match to 4A No. 5-ranked Ian Aouad of Andale.

Winfield junior Parker Smith placed sixth at 182. Senior Trevin Biddle finished eighth at 170, while junior heavyweight Jackson Angle was also eighth.

58th annual Tournament of Champions

Friday and Saturday


Team Scores — 1. Goddard 200.5; 2. Maize 197; 3. Nemaha Central 166.5; 4. Derby 157; 5. Andale 147.5; 6. Arkansas City 138; 7. Blanchard, Okla. 128.5; 8. Newton 123; 9. Garden City 121; 10. Andover 113; 11. Bishop Carroll 108; 12. Stilwell-Blue Valley 73; 13. Valley Center 64; 14. Winfield 60; 15. Wichita Northwest 55; 16. McPherson 39; 17. Maize South 36; 18. Andover Central 28.5; 19. Hutchinson 24.5; 20. Leavenworth 24; 21. Wichita West 10.

Arkansas City Results

120 — Kael Pappan, champion (3-0): bye; bye; won by pin Treyton Pelnar (McP), 1:04; won by dec. Daniel Gomez (Mz), 7-0; won by dec. Owen Eck (Andl), 7-5.

126 — Sammy Dickey, fourth place (2-2): bye; won by pin Josiah Schmidt (New), 0:48; won by dec. Keton Patterson (Mz), 7-2; lost by pin Alyeus Craig (VC), 1:23; lost by dec. Braden Ledford (Win), 7-4.

132 — Jevon Foust, third place (3-1): bye; won by pin Hayden Farley (McP), 0:46; won by dec. Knowlynn Egan (Der), 3-0; lost by dec. Zach Wessley (Gd), 8-6; won by injury def. AJ Furnish (Andl).

138 — Kyler Horton, DNP (0-2): bye; lost by dec. Blake Witmer (Blan), 7-2; bye; bye lost by dec. Shawn Sumter (Lvn), 5-3.

145 — Wyatt Biddle, DNP (1-2): bye; won by pin Ransom Cosby (Blan), 3:17; lost by dec. Sam Duling (BC), 6-1; lost by dec. Carter Nguyen (MS), 7-5.

152 — Wyatt Bahm, fourth place (2-2): bye; won by dec. Keon Edwards (New), 11-4; won by dec. Jayden Ford (Mz), 8-5 (TB-1); lost by dec. Cason Lindsey (Der), 9-3; lost by major dec. Ian Aouad (Andl), 14-5.

160 — Trig Tennant, champion (3-0): bye; bye; won by pin Tristan Mercado (Lvn), 3:40; won by dec. Connor Padgett (Mz), 8-1; won by major dec. Josh Janas (GC), 11-1.

170 — Aiden Whetstone, DNP (1-2): bye; lost by dec. Trevin Biddle (Win), 6-3; bye; bye; won by pin Clayton Smith (New), 2:13; lost by dec. Christia Rodriguiz (Hut), 4-3.

182 — Tell Pfannenstiel, DNP (0-2): bye; lost by pin Logan Davidson (Gd), 0:40; bye; bye; lost by pin Eric Berlin (MS), 2:54.

195 — Justis Mosier, DNP (1-2): bye; lost by pin Blaise Wood (Der), 1:03; bye; bye; won by dec. Isaac Glover (MS), 5-1; lost by dec. Kyler Palmer (VC), 11-9.

285 — Max Shannon, second place (3-1): bye; won by pin Jackson Angle (Win), 0:53; won by pin Braydon Wickliffe (Gd), 2:22; won by pin Rio Gomez (New), 2:17; lost by pin Ryder Wiese (Blan), 1:14.


Winfield Results

120 — Brody Lindenman, DNP (1-2): bye; lost by tech. fall Daniel Gomez (Mz), 19-2; bye; bye; won by dec. Isaiah Lowe (MS), 8-4; lost by pin Treyton Pelnar (McP), 4:48.

126 — Braden Ledford, third place (3-1): bye; won by pin Gianni Huerta (BC), 1:18; won by dec. Andrew Manley (NC), 5-3; lost by dec. Hector Serratos (Andl), 3-1; won by dec. Sammy Dickey (Ark), 11-4.

132 — Monte James, DNP (1-2): bye; lost by pin Jarrod Bewley (Blan), 1:16; bye; won by dec. Rempel (MS), 1-0; lost by dec. Kaufman (New), 4-0.

138 — Cole Wageman, DNP (0-2): bye; lost by pin Erick Dominguez (GC), 0:42; bye; bye; lost by tech. fall Kelby Eck (Andl), 17-0.

160 — Kody Brenn, DNP (1-2): bye; lost by dec. Easton Boone (VC), 5-1; bye; bye; won by pin Landon Thompson (McP), 2:22; lost by dec. Treyton Rusher (Der), 7-1.

170 — Trevin Biddle, eighth place (2-3): bye; won by dec. Aiden Whetstone (Ark), 6-3; lost by pin Jace Jenkins (Der), 3:06; won by dec. Ben Dunlap (GC), 9-4; lost by dec. Christia Rodriguiz (Hut), 7-2; lost by dec. Ronan Wunsch (Mz), 2-0.

182 — Parker Smith, sixth place (3-2): bye; won by pin Brody Harper (New), 2:32; lost by dec. Dane Napier (NC), 4-2; won by pin Kaleo Schilling (Ando), 2:25; won by pin Owen Ward (WNW), 4:12; lost by major dec. Ricky Nichols (Mz), 10-1.

195 — Logan Burleson, DNP (1-2): bye; won by pin Peyton Peterman (Mz), 2:34; lost by pin Zane Cotten (NC), 0:42; lost by pin Jacob Maston (Blan), 0:29.

220 — Eli Lynch, DNP (0-2): bye; lost by pin Jakob Tate (NC), 3:16; bye; bye; lost by pin Diego Arellano (New), 2:14.

285 — Jackson Angle, eighth place (2-3): bye; lost by pin Max Shannon (Ark), 0:53; bye; bye; won by pin Taylor Vincent (Mz), 1:35; won by pin Eli Hunt (VC), 1:11; lost by pin Braydon Wickliffe (Gd), 2:06; lost by pin Baker North (Ando), 1:37.

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