NEWTON — The Winfield High School boys swim team got its collective feet wet, so to speak, at Thursday’s Newton Invitational.

The Vikings, who lost several top swimmers to graduation, enter the season with a younger, inexperienced squad.

“I thought it was a really good meet by every one of the boys on the team,” WHS coach Dustin Durbin said. “We have a lot of training and improvement ahead of us, but overall and collectively I was pleased with how fast these guys are swimming initially with not a lot of practices and not much strength and endurance built up. In addition to their individual events, we were happy with how well our guys stepped up their performances for the relay races.”

The opening event of the season, the 200-yard medley relay, saw Winfield’s ‘B’ team nearly match the ‘A’ team as the Vikings mix in swimmers to perfect the top teams. Brandon Kendall, Mark Thompson, Kyler Phrakonekham and Jack Speer finished the race in 2 minutes, 15.35 seconds, less than three seconds behind the ‘A’ team of Heath Reed, Nico Cantu, Bow Gray and Bryce Dolch (2:12.46).

“If I had to single out a top performer, the one who stuck out the most to me was Kyler Phrakonekham,” Durbin said.

“Now a junior, he is swimming much improved from his level through his first two years in the program. He showed improved butterfly and breast stroke, and found a new gear that hasn’t been there for him the past when he raced his 100 free in a 1:04.”

Dolch record two of the seventh-place finishes for the Vikings, in the 200 freestyle (2:11.49) and 500 free (6:18). Dolch was a State qualifier last season in the 500 free. Kendall was seventh in the 200 individual medley (2:32.97) and Gray, the lone swimmer at Arkansas City High who competes with the Vikings, took seventh in the 100 butterfly (1:09.77).

“It was a good debut performance for freshman Kale Jewers, Heath Reed, Brandon Kendall and two guys brand new to competitive swimming in D’Antae Caudillo and Jackson Palmer,” Durbin said.

The Vikings are back in the water at 9 a.m. today at the Maize Invitational.

Newton Invitational


Team Scores — 1. Andover Central 314; 2. Derby 235; 3. Andover 210; 4. Newton 168; 5. Buhler 133; 6. Valley Center 122; 7. Winfield 79; 8. Dodge City 45; 9. Hutchinson 35.

Winners & WHS Results

200 Medley Relay — 1. Andover Central ‘A’ 1:44.54; 14. Winfield ‘A’ (Heath Reed, Nico Cantu, Bow Gray, Bryce Dolch), 2:12.46; 15. Winfield ‘B’ (Brandon Kendall, Mark Thompson, Kyler Phrakonekham, Jack Speer), 2:15.35; Winfield ‘C’ DQ.

200 Freestyle — 1. Jackson Lee (ACtl), 1:55.43; 7. Bryce Dolch (Win), 2:11.49; 14. Heath Reed (Win), 2:40.12.

200 Individual Medley — 1. William McCabe (Der), 2:01.56; 7. Brandon Kendall (Win), 2:32.97; 10. Kale Jewers (Win), 3:01.6; 14. Nico Cantu (Win), 3:11.15.

50 Freestyle — 1. Beau Blankenship (ACtl), 23.57; 24. Jack Speer (Win), 28.69; 34. D’Antae Caudillo (Win), 35.59; 39. Jackson Palmer (Win), 42.87.

1-Meter Diving — 1. Aidan Kenzle (Der), 161.25.

100 Butterfly — 1. Jonathan Gott (And), 57.03; 7. Bow Gray (Win), 1:09.77; 13. Mark Thompson (Win), 1:23.09.

100 Freestyle — 1. Noah Krueger (ACtl), 52.51; 15. Kyler Phrakonekham (Win), 1:04.5; 23. Seth Warren (Win), 1:09.81.

500 Freestyle — 1. Jonathan Gott (And), 5:08.96; 7. Bryce Dolch (Win), 6:18.0; 13. Heath Reed (Win), 7:04.78.

200 Freestyle Relay — 1. Derby ‘A’ 1:38.12; 9. Winfield ‘A’ (Kyler Phrakonekham, Brandon Kendall, Mark Thompson, Bryce Dolch), 1:54.88; 15. Winfield ‘B’ (Jackson Palmer, Nico Cantu, D’Antae Caudillo, Seth Warren), 2:21.28.

100 Backstroke — 1. Lucas Krueger (ACtl), 58.47; 9. Bow Gray (Win), 1:11.98; 20. Kale Jewers (Win), 1:28.39; 21. Jack Speer (Win), 1:31.19.

100 Breaststroke — 1. William McCabe (Der), 1:02.98; 11. Brandon Kendall (Win), 1:19.57; 15. Kyler Phrakonekham (Win), 1:27.14; 19. Nico Cantu (Win), 1:32.76.

400 Freestyle Relay — 1. Andover Central ‘A’ 3:29.08; 10. Winfield ‘A’ (Heath Reed, Kale Jewers, Jack Speer, Bow Gray), 4:31.56; 15. Winfield ‘B’ (Jackson Palmer, Mark Thompson, D’Antae Caudillo, Seth Warren), 5:36.03.

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