Enrollment has dropped nearly 16% in 5 years and the college doesn't seem very concerned????????????? Why should they be? They have deep pockets with tax payer money, increased property values and the ever increasing mill levy to build and do what ever they want while enrollment continues…

what do they mean residual college funding? You mean money from residents of COWLEY COUNTY with the taxes they pay? Ark City can't fill the dorms they have it is highly unlikely Wellington will fill their 17 dorm rooms either. Cowley College is on some type of egotistical power trip and w…

Ark City is not a wealthy area. Where do they expect people to come up with 12% more per year???? This is on top of the increases in taxes that the city bumped up. People really cannot afford this. It's no wonder our area is not growing.

The college is spending tax payers money like it grows on trees. They are focusing Cowley money on Sumner County. We shouldn't be surprised about this. A dorm in Sumner County is absolutely stupid.

I wish we had a health department that worried about HEALTH. A good HEALTH department leader would ask and explain the need for a mask ordinance to our city and county commissioners. He wouldn't comment about the CHOICE IS YOURS....he would explain why the right choice is to get vaccinate…

Citizen16 commented on Winfield schools will require masks

No doubt the Winfield BOE is much smarter than Ark City's.

Note to not use AC hospital for anything. Saw where another employee posted about not getting vaccine. Not a good look for employees to be boosting about not getting vaccine while in a pandemic

Oh and it should also mention Mr. Shurtz is related to Miss Colquhoun and her family.

Nice of Cowley to buy an animal so they can give a plug to their ag program. Jeez.

Citizen16 commented on Travel Center Planned

Let's be honest. Creekstone may be the largest employer but their executive team all live out of town and they bus in half of their employees from elsewhere. They are not pro Ark City or Cowley County. Why do we keep catering to them?