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Citizen16 commented on COVID closes class in Winfield

How long do I need to quarantine for if I was exposed to the coronavirus disease?

It can take up to 14 days after exposure to the virus for a person to develop COVID-19 symptoms. A negative result before end of the 14-day quarantine period does not rule out possible infection.

Citizen16 commented on Cowley bucks enrollment trends

If the public knew of all their covid cases their enrollment would drop. Must be why they are keeping it a big secret.

Citizen16 commented on Three more COVID-19 deaths reported

Hummm Maybe a mask ordinance would help. PLEASE talk to Cowley College and get accurate not generic answers about the case on campus. The TAX PAYERS deserve HONEST responses.

Citizen16 commented on Two WHS athletes positive for virus

What is cowley college doing to protect students and staff regarding their positive cases?

I thought Cowley had a mandatory mask policy. Where's theirs?

Pretty sure morale and all hospitals is low. Don't make it out to sound like only it's only in AC. The hospital trustees which is also the city commission could issue a mask mandate for the city to help covid spread.

Cases jumped 21 over the weekend and the county health director says have classes. When cases explode it is on him.

Citizen16 commented on Library purchase draws opposition

If the college does NOT have the money for raises how do they have money to purchase a building?

It is sad our Cowley County and AC City Commissioners (which are also hospital trustees) will not issue a mask mandate. I think the city commissioners especially should tell us why they will not do it. As members of the hospital board you would think they would especially know the dangers…

Mr. and Mrs. Every,

While I respect your opinion of how you wish your children to be educated and you wish for no masks I hope you too will respect the decisions made by the BOE, whatever those decisions may be. They have a difficult decision they must make that will be in the best …