Sharing this video will help Jaymee's cause. The more people that see this the more ad revenue will be generated from the video that can go to Jaymee and just 1 share from you can help get the video out to so many more people that may not have seen it otherwise.


I would like to thank you for supporting the channel and a lot of people said that they would like to help me with monetary compensation but I would ask that instead of helping me if you could donate to help Jaymee, who has stage 4 cancer and must receive chemo for the rest of her life with only a 15% chance of survival. If you are unable to give through financial support it would mean the world if you could just copy and past the link to your favorite social media platform by doing this together we can help her to take care of her children, continue to pay her bills and ensure that she is able to make wonderful memories with her together that are void of finical stress.

"money is just a tool to help others and life spent helping others is a life well lived. "

Thank you so much for your love, kindness and support.

If you want to know more about the lawn business or how and why I am doing something on the lawn you should check out my other channel


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P.O. BOX 141

Catoosa, OK 74015-0141


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